Mini actuators in the spotlight

The miniature actuators from memetis open up a wide range of applications.

The mini actuators made of shape memory alloys generate considerable forces. In their specially flat form, they take up extremely little installation space and can be used in a wide variety of products. Wherever a movement is to be realized in the smallest installation space, we are the right partner for you. Our customers from the fields of locking technology, optics or model making are impressed by the tiny size of our actuator systems. See for yourself and order your favourite one today.

Our mini actuators

We offer various actuator systems for test purposes. An upstroke-actuator, an in-plane-actuator and a tilt-actuator. Download the data sheets here to compare the specifications with your application idea. We would be pleased to provide you with your desired actuator system for test purposes - just contact us.


The ultra-compact Upstroke-Actuator from memetis is powerful and switches silently and is a real alternative to upstroke solenoids. With its high force/volume ratio and flat design, new miniaturised applications are made possible.

Download data sheet here


The In-Plane-Actuator is a miniature actuator system to generate movement in a plane direction. Thanks to its ultra-flat design, it can be integrated into products without taking up much space.

Download data sheet here


The ultra-flat memetis tilt-actuator can cover a distance of 4 mm and realize a swivel movement. Only very little power is required.

Download data sheet here

The memetis plunger

If more force is required to realize a movement in the smallest installation space, the memetis plunger with shape memory actuator is recommended. This can generate considerable forces and cover long travel distances. For example, microfluidic blisters can be expressed and lab-on-chip applications can be implemented compactly.

Powerful shape memory alloy actuation

The memetis plunger is available in various diameters. Forces of up to 25 N can be achieved with a travel distance of up to 4 mm.

The miniature plunger with shape memory actuator from memetis
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Use Case

Application-specific actuators through technology platform

The areas of application for memetis actuators are diverse. Our aim is to provide as concrete a picture as possible of the possibilities.
Let's discuss applications in your industry.

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Actuators in model making
Use Case

The long-established German company Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH is known worldwide for its model railways and is market leader in the European model railway industry. memetis supports this with its ultra-compact linear actuators for "even more authentic movement in the smallest space".

Initial situation

As the European market leader in the model railway industry, Märklin also pursues the goal of innovation leadership in relevant markets. The aim is to continuously increase the functionality of the detailed Märklin models while keeping an eye on authenticity. This enables an even better customer experience and a strong positioning in the market.


The attractiveness of the Märklin models can be enhanced by additional physical functions, such as those offered by the new telex coupling. In most cases, only very limited installation space is available, which additionally competes with the complex model electronics or other drives. This requires an actuator solution that allows controllable movement with relatively large travel and forces at minimum dimensions.


memetis manufactures a linear actuator that meets the requirements of Märklin: Large forces and travel ranges with the smallest possible dimensions. In addition, more realistic movement and slim design are guaranteed.

Client comment / Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH

"We build the best model locomotives in large series and convey the prestige of the brand through value - this also means that we [...] shift the boundaries of miniaturization to achieve a higher degree of miniaturization. [...] This category also includes the slimming down of the telex coupling by a miniature actuator."

Wolfrad Bächle, Co-Managing Director of Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH

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