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Ultra-compact actuators rethought

Trusting teamwork forms the basis for inventive and committed work as well as innovative solutions. We create great forces in small dimensions!

Tech made in Germany

As a deep-tech company in the technology center Karlsruhe, we remain true to the German art of engineering - from Baden to the whole world.

We are an efficient, innovation-driven and agile company, managed by a motivated and enthusiastic team.

The memetis team combines many years of experience in the development, manufacturing and applications of foil-based miniature shape memory alloy (SMA) actuators.

When our mechanical engineers, physicists, electrical engineers and business experts come together, "worlds" unite and ideas flourish.

A university spin-off

The memetis founders met at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) during their PhD studies. They were fascinated by the abilities of shape memory alloys, and decided to bring the cutting-edge microactuation research from their university labs to a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

Hear it from themselves in the video!

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To enable powerful and innovative actuators, analytical and creative minds must work closely together at every step of the process. This is why we promote an open working environment in which team spirit is at the forefront. We like cross-functional collaboration, direct communication, enthusiasm and responsibility

Every employee has a personal interest in the success and performance of memetis.

We are always looking for extraordinary personalities with creative spirit and passion to change the future. Apply now!


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Team member comment / Openness, trust and responsibility characterise the work at memetis

"I can hardly imagine a better working atmosphere than the one at memetis. Openness, teamwork and flexibility are the key values ​​at memetis.

With memetis, I have found an employer that offers me the advantages of a young company and at the same time a variety of challenges that are fun to accept. At memetis, everyone can get involved everywhere and I see every day how my work makes a difference. We all bring memetis forward as a team!"

Lea Hellweg, Head of Business Development