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The use of our Shape-Memory Actuator Technology for all our valves allows for a high flexibility in design adaptation as well as for ultra-compact dimensions. This means that our miniature valves can be adapted extremely quickly to different pressure and flow ranges, and different materials can be taken into account in the design. This modularity allows the use of our miniature valves in numerous application areas from bioanalytics (e.g. media-separated, flushable or biocompatible) to production automation (e.g. high flow rate or fast closing behavior).


  • Close collaboration to ensure all requirements are fulfilled
  • Rapid prototyping methods to quickly and flexibly validate a wide variety of design variants
  • Easy integration according to your specific needs
  • Numerous possible application areas from bioanalytics to production automation
  • Complex fluidics and multi-channel valves possible



  • Different materials possible
  • Different pressure and flow ranges possible
  • Silent operation
  • Simple and very stable designs due to layered structure of valves
  • Quick delivery to test immediately
Customer Comments / Tailor-Made Solutions with Close Customer Cooperation

"For our product AIRSKIN we need electrically controllable micro valves in the lowest pressure range for the medium air. In addition, we require leakage values that are not common in the industry. After a long unsuccessful search for suitable products, we found memetis to be a company that could offer us a tailor-made solution. By combining problem-solving affinity with series production and very close customer cooperation, memetis turned out to be the proverbial needle in the haystack for complex industrial fluid technology solutions. The memetis valve not only makes our product better and more robust, but also safer."

Andreas Baldiger, CEO

"We needed a partner in fluidics for our rapid sample preparation, and memetis prove to be a team with creative suggestions, strong engineering and high expertise and know-how in execution, and hereto very fast response time. They helped to succeed in our project and have our highest respect and warmest recommendations."

Lars Thomsen, M.Sc., Ph.D., Founder Biovice Systems

"The automated cultivation system is an extremely innovative system. The integration of different technologies makes it possible to solve typical problems associated with the use of equipment currently on the market, such as the use of bulky and highly specific devices and interfaces, the absence of a disposable cultivation element, the low level of parallelization of the process and the complexity of assembling the units. The use of miniaturized precision valves and a pulsation-free pump is critical to avoid high mechanical stress on the cell cultures, which could interfere with their growth. The miniaturized fluid handling system developed in this study will thus allow much gentler and more realistic growth conditions than before."

Francesco Butera, Managing Director

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