Easy Liquid-Handling with memetis Smart Valve Manifolds

Reduced Nutrient Media Consumption

Successful cultivation of 3D cell structures on-chip is challenging and associated with a lot of special requirements. The supply with nutrient medium must be guaranteed, the flow rate of the medium has to be limited to protect the cells from shear stresses and the temperature must be thoroughly controlled. These factors are only a few among many more for having a successful 3D cell culture. The supply with nutrient medium is often realized with a reservoir and a waste, meaning that a lot of expensive medium is disposed. memetis solves these problems and introduces a smart valve manifold with an ultra-low internal volume for the supply of lab-on-chips/ organs-on-chips with media.

Smart Valve Manifold Enables Circulation Control of Media On-Site

With miniature valves from memetis a whole new category of microfluidic systems can be realized in a very light-weight and user-friendly way. The ultracompact valves can be stacked together in a smart, portable manifold to control the smallest fluidic pathways. In the example fluidic circuit on the left, such a manifold enables the perfusion of a 2-chambered chip from different sides. An additionally available control unit offers a user-friendly graphical touch interface and can also run experiments automatically to enhance laboratory automation.

Your Advantages

  • lower consumption of expensive reagents
  • less laboratory waste
  • compact size
  • media-separated valves
  • biocompatible materials
  • easily controllable through GUI
  • standard interfaces
  • configurable fluidic pathways
  • very low power consumption (0.25 W / valve)
  • low internal volume of valves (<4 ┬Ál/ valve)

Single Valve for Liquids and Gases

The slim 2/2-way miniature seat valve (normally closed or open - NC/NO) is only 5 mm wide and has a remarkable life-span of more than one million cycles. Learn more about the valve performance data and request the data sheet.

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Valve Manifold

With a width of only 5 mm, memetis miniature valves can be packed very closely. The valve manifold can be designed customer-specific with as many valves as required. The footprint is small, and the power consumption of each valve is only 0.25 W.

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Easy Control

Once set up and started, the system is self-sufficient. With the easy-to-use electronic control, laboratory automation is facilitated. The electronic control unit (ECU) has micro-USB connection, I/O channels and an I2C interface.

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Plug & Play Fluidic System

With modular fluidic systems, you can flexibly adapt your system to the latest challenges at any time. For this purpose memetis offers a range of inuitively operable, exchangeable modules. The modules fulfil various functions, such as switching gases or liquids (smart valve manifold), measuring parameters (sensors) or pumping the medium. Every module is easily controllable via touch display.

This flexible tool kit offers many possiblities in running different experiments. Transparent fluid channels enable microscoping the liquids. Does your application require a complex fluidic periphery? Please contact us!

Use Case
Miniature Fluidic Control Unit - half the size of microtiter format
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