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The number of Space Missions is steadily increasing. Many new applications are being explored and research in space brings new findings. Fluidic systems play an important role in these missions, for example to enable cell culture in microgravity.

Smallest Microvalve yet

memetis' flat-form shape memory alloy design allows us to build valves that are extremely compact and lightweight, plus allow saving energy. This has proven especially beneficial in space. Our valves show great results in enabling experiments in microgravity.

memetis Microvalves on the International Space Station

Aboard a SpaceX Falcon9 rocket in 2022 memetis' valves were transported to the International Space Station. There inside a CubeLab our valves are enabling Space Tango's microgravity study on bone cells to gain new insights into the disease mechanisms of osteoporosis.

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Microvalves with special features

memetis microvalves offer unique advantages for space applications

Trust in our Quality

Ensuring the highest quality standards is one of our core values at memetis. Our high standards are evident in every aspect of our business, from research and development to mass production.

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Integrated fluidic systems for Life Sciences

We develop media-separated valve arrays to control fluidic systems for analyses and experiments. memetis' valves can be densely packed within a small space, thus making cell culture experiments in 2D and 3D easier and less costly.

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