Miniature valves for microfluidic applications

Where other valves reach their limits of miniaturization, memetis valves begin

The advantages of microfluidics are unmistakable - low media consumption, laminar flows and high precision. Microfluidic systems are mainly used in the life sciences, where small amounts of fluid need to be controlled.

Miniature valves save valuable installation space and increase functionality. Above all, the possibilities of decentralized applications are playing an increasingly important role. Whether diagnosis at home, outdoor operation in remote places or flexible work in the laboratory - from microscope to incubator - portable devices become more and more indispensable.
The Shape Memory Alloy microvalves from memetis offer decisive advantages:

  • low internal volume
  • low power consumption
  • ultra-compact
  • biocompatible materials
  • media separated
  • silent operation
  • customizable thanks to patented layer structure

memetis micro valves

The normally-closed valve from Series09

Our Series09 valve is a normally-closed 2/2-way valve that can be used in a variety of applications. Read more about the application possibilities of the Series09 valve.

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The bistable valve

Power consumption plays a major role in mobile applications. A bistable valve is ideally suited for this purpose, as it only consumes power when switching.

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Customized valves and valve manifolds

Customized Valves

Depending on the application, there are different requirements for the materials used, the pressure ranges, mechanical interfaces or electronic integration. We are happy to respond to your wishes and adapt our valve designs according to your requirements.

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Valve Manifolds

We develop your customized valve modules with any number of memetis micro valves integrated. A 3D-printed version is best suited for quick testing of the valve manifold in your system.

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Press Comment / Miniature valves tailor-made at the blink of an eye

Microfluidic applications require ever smaller, yet very powerful valves that take up minimal space. This applies not least to portable applications in medical devices that are placed directly on patients or even implanted. Many stationary medical or environmental analytical devices also require high-performance miniature valves with dimensions where solenoid valves with solenoid coils reach their technological limits. [More]

LABO, 2018


Shape memory alloys for movement in your system

Customer-specific microactuation

We bring movement into your product - with shape memory alloys we realize micro actuators that generate large forces and travels in the smallest installation space.

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Test our actuator-modules

We offer various actuator modules for test purposes - get an impression of the possibilities with shape memory actuators.

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Customer comment / Victorinox AG

"Victorinox focuses on product design and quality and is always looking for ways to increase functionality. For developing a new function on one of our Travel Gear product, we approached memetis for their expertise in miniature actuation. They proved to be a very reliable project partner who acts fast and delivers what they promise. We were very pleased that memetis quickly developed a sophisticated prototype that met our full expectations. This is one of the reasons why we can thoroughly recommend the actuator solutions from memetis.“

Félix Rhyner, Head of Innovation & License Management