valves and actuators for microfluidics

Where other solutions reach
their limits of miniaturization,
memetis' solutions begin

Memetis microvalve in one hand

The Shape Memory Alloy microvalves and chip actuators from memetis are used in life sciences, diagnostics, space technologies and other microfluidic applications, as they offer decisive advantages:

  • ultra compact
  • silent operation
  • low power consumption
  • proportionally controllable
  • customizable

microvalves and actuators

The Normally Closed Microvalve

Our Normally Closed Microvalve is a media-separated, normally closed 2/2-way valve that is exceptionally small in size and can be used in a variety of applications.

Two Memetis microvalves and a pen

Chip Actuators

Our Chip Actuators are compact, multi-functional miniature linear actuators that are highly adaptable and designed with a broad range of applications in mind.

Chip Actuators

Valve Accessories

We offer connectors, adapters and valve arrays made of PEEK to help you complete your microfluidics setup.

Two valve array with one inlet and two outlets or two inlets and one outlet with LUER (Male) fittings or IDEX, made of PEEK

Searching for a custom solution?
Let us know what you need

We are happy to respond to your wishes and adapt our product designs according to your requirements whether it be pressure ranges, mechanical interfaces, materials or the electronic integration.