Micro actuators for large movements

The miniature actuators from memetis open up a wide range of applications.

The micro actuators made of shape memory alloys generate considerable forces. In their special flat form, they take up extremely little installation space and can be used in a wide variety of products. Wherever movement needs to be realized in the smallest of installation spaces, we are the right partner for you. Our customers from the fields of locking technology, optics or model making are impressed by the tiny size of our actuator systems. Convince yourself and order your favorite module today.

Our actuator test modules

In addition to our custom actuator developments, we offer various ready-made actuator assemblies (in-plane motion, perpendicular to the plane as well as swivel motion) for evaluation. Download the data sheets here to compare the specifications with your application idea.

Chip-Valve Actuator CA0408

The chip-valve actuator has a force of 8 N and can be equipped with a customer-specific plunger. The actuator can be used, for example, to actuate seat valve on microfluidic chips.

Download Datasheet

Upstroke Actuator UA0204

The ultra-compact upstroke actuator from memetis is powerful and switches silently and is a real alternative to linear solenoids. With its high force-to-volume ratio and flat design, new miniaturized applications are made possible.

Download Datasheet

In-Plane Actuator IP0301

The in-plane actuator is a miniature actuator system to generate motion in a plane direction. Thanks to its ultra-flat design, it can be integrated into products without requiring much installation space.

Download Datasheet


The ultra-flat memetis tilting actuator can travel 4 mm and realize a swivel movement. Very little power is required in the process.

Download Datasheet

Test the actuator modules

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Even stronger in a trio

Test all actuator modules and order the strong trio. It includes the stroke actuator, the in-plane actuator and the tilt actuator. If required, we offer an electronic driver for the modules. Just contact us.

Chip-Valve Actuator combined with a multi-well plate

The width of the chip-valve actuator is designed exactly for the spacing of a multi-well plate

Trust us in the following industries:

Consumer Electronics
Enable Smart Living with micro actuation.
From autofocus to stationary antenna.
High precision is required in the field of optics.
Increased functionality in the interior.
Analytics / Diagnostics
Fluidic systems for biological analysis and diagnostics
Production Automation
Miniature valves for air regulation in production.
Weight saving with shape memory alloys
Medical Technology
Micro valves for flow control

Are you looking for solutions for application-specific actuator technology?

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