The bistable micro valve

Perfect for mobile applications where power consumption needs to be kept to a minimum

The bistable micro valve

The bistable micro valve from memetis is a 2/2-way valve and media separated. The special feature of this valve is the fact that power is only needed to switch between the open and closed state and this switching energy is very low. The miniature valve remains open or closed without requiring additional energy. This makes mobile applications with valves possible and even battery operation is feasible. The valve can be used in a wide variety of applications, for example in the life sciences sector. All components in contact with the liquid are made of biocompatible material and the switching of the valve is silent, so that the valve can also be used close to the patient and the switching of the valve is not perceived as disturbing.

The ultra-compact size enables innovative fluidic solutions. A width of only 5 mm simplifies the integration of many valves in the smallest installation space. In addition, the valve has a very small internal volume of less than 4 ┬Ál. The inlet and outlet of the valve are located on the bottom side and are equipped with O-rings for sealing.

The advantages of the bistable valve at a glance:

  • requires only 75 mJ of energy for switching
  • ultra compact
  • powerful with switching pressures up to 1 bar
  • media separated
  • low internal volume
  • easy electrical and mechanical integration
  • biocompatible materials
  • for gases and liquids
  • up to 10 million switching cycles
  • noiseless operation
  • customizable thanks to patented layer structure


Innovative shape memory actuator technology is built into memetis valves. Two actuators made of a shape memory alloy can move a switching element between two magnetic stops.

  1. If the upper actuator (red) is energized and thus heated, it presses the switching element down against the second magnet.
  2. The magnet holds the switching element in place so that no further current is required to maintain the closed state. As a result, the switching element presses a ball onto the valve opening and the valve is closed.

Between the ball and the valve opening is an elastic membrane that prevents fluids from entering the actuator portion of the valve. The patented layered structure enables customer-specific adaptability - so specific material requirements can be met.

        Our valves in your device

        The bistable valve can be used in many different ways. We will be happy to assist you in integrating the valves to find the best possible solution for your application. Contact us now and discuss your application with us.

        Connect tubes directly to the valve
        Adapter with Fittings
        Various fittings are available for selection
        Valve Manifold
        Customer-specific configuration
        Valves directly integrated into your device

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        Testing made easy

        Test our valves under real conditions in your application.

        The Energy-Efficient Bundle

        For extremely energy-saving applications, our bistable valve is the perfect solution. With the bundle, testing is easy - even custom programming is possible.

        The Energy-Efficient Bundle

        The Energy-Efficient Bundle includes

        1x Bistable Valve (Prototype, BV1101)
        1x fluidic adapter for easy connection of tubes to the valves 
        1x electronic control unit to control one bistable valve
        cable, sealings and your selected fittings

        Test Set-Up in less than 5 minutes

        In this video, Christoph Wessendorf shows how easy it is to set up and operate the test bundle with the bistable valve.

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        Customer comment / Ultracompact: valves with shape memory actuators

        "We needed a partner in fluidics for our rapid sample preparation, and memetis prove to be a team with creative suggestions, strong engineering and high expertise and know-how in execution, and hereto very fast response time. They helped to succeed in our project and have our highest respect and warmest recommendations."

        Lars Thomsen, M.Sc., Ph.D., Founder Biovice Systems

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