The Series09-Microvalve

For increased functionality in fluidics applications

The Series09-Microvalve

The Series09 micro valve from memetis is normally closed (NC) and media separated. The ultra-compact size enables innovative solutions in the field of fluidics. For example, the width of only 5 mm simplifies the integration of a many valves in the smallest installation space. In addition, the valve has a very small internal volume of less than 4 µl. 

The control of the memetis valves is simple: a current-regulated control system enables the valves to be switched. At the same time, the valve's power consumption of 0.3 W is very low. The inlet and outlet of the valve are located on the bottom side and are equipped with O-rings for sealing. Of course, we are happy to support you in implementing the valve control in your electronics.

The valve can be used in a wide variety of applications. Since all components in contact with the liquid are made of biocompatible material, it can also be used in the field of life sciences, for example. In addition, the switching of the valve is noiseless, so that the valve can also be used close to the patient and the switching of the valve is not perceived as disturbing. The robustness and service life of the valve is also impressive: 10 million switching cycles without material fatigue.

The advantages of the Series09 valve at a glance:

  • ultra compact
  • powerful with switching pressures up to 2 bar
  • media separated
  • low internal volume
  • easy electrical and mechanical integration
  • biocompatible materials
  • for gases and liquids
  • low power consumption
  • suitable for liquids with magnetic beads
  • up to 10 million switching cycles
  • controllable
  • noiseless operation
  • due to slow switching process especially suitable for applications which react sensitively to fast flow movements
  • customer-specific adaptable thanks to patented layer structure

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Autoclavable microvalve

Your system requires autoclavability of all components?

Our autoclavable normally-closed microvalve is made entirely of PEEK, making it robust. PEEK is particularly known for its high heat resistance and mechanical strength, and also has good chemical and radiation resistance.
Thus, the valve can be autoclaved for 20 min at 134 °C in an autoclavation device like e.g. the Laboklav from SHP Steriltechnik AG.


Innovative shape memory actuator technology is integrated in the memetis valves. When the current is switched on, the actuator made of a shape memory alloy acts against a spring element, thus releasing a ball from the valve opening. When the current is switched off, the spring element pushes the ball back onto the valve opening.
Between the ball and the valve opening is an elastic membrane that prevents fluids from entering the actuator section of the valve.
The patented layered design allows for customizability - so specific material requests can be met.

Insights into the NC valve

This animation shows the inside of the memetis NC valve and the opening process induced by the shape memory actuator.

Our valves in your device

The Series09 valve can be used in many different ways. We would be happy to support you in integrating the valves to find the best possible solution for your application. Contact us now and discuss your application with us.

Connect tubes directly to the valve
Adapter with Fittings
Various fittings are available for selection
Valve Manifold
Customer-specific configuration
Valves directly integrated into your device

Questions regarding valve integration?

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Testing made easy

Test our valves under real conditions in your application.

Our Bestseller Bundle

With the memetis NC test bundle you have everything you need to test our normally closed valves in your application. The electrical control unit is easy to use and can be powered via USB connection and IO channels or programmed via the I2C interface. You will also receive detailed instructions to help you quickly install the valves. Contact us if you need a different fluidic connection, specific control or other materials.

The Bestseller Bundle

The Bestseller Bundle includes

2x normally-closed 2/2-way miniature valve (Series09)
2x fluidic adapter for easy connection of tubes
1x electronic control unit to control up to two NC valves (small OR programmable)
cable, sealings and your chosen fittings

Valve Test-Bundle in action

The setup of the test bundle is quick and easy. See for yourself and watch the video.

Watch now

The Soft-Pumping Bundle

With our soft pumping bundle, up to four different fluids can be controlled individually, creating a controlled and pressure-driven microfluidic flow. The individual fluids and the pressure source are not in contact with each other. The valves are controlled manually or via a specially designed user interface. Not only can the valves be switched here, but individual parameters of the additional pressure source can also be set if required.

Customer comment / The valve in use

"These shape-memory alloy valves use virtually no power to actuate, have less than 4ul dead volume and are near-silent in operation. Paired up with a TTP Ventus Ltd Discpump and you get a great, miniature, silent system."

Paul Marshall, Rapid Fluidics

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