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Discover the Fluid-o-Tech Group proportional control valves that offer superior energy efficiency, silent operation and lightweight design. Built with innovative technologies, they elevate performance and reliability. Upgrade your system with the future of flow control today.

Meet the smallest valve

- ultra compact
- media-separated
- flow rates up to 6 l/min for gas at 2 bar

memetis nc-classic sma miniature valve

Meet the fastest valve

- lightning fast response << 10 ms
- ultra energy efficient
- flow rates up to 50 l/min for gas at 10 bar

muvap 2-2 piezzo miniature valve

Meet the powerhouse

- precise control of opening by integrated sensors
- up to 20 bar pressure
- flow rates up to xx l/min for gas and 6 l/min for liquid

dolphin proportional 2-way digimed valve

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