Fluidic control unit for a microbioreactor

Perfusion in varying directions

With the ultracompact memetis valve manifold, liquids can be directed and controlled precisely. This can be seen in our illustrative use case, the supply of a microbioreactor which is perfused in alternating directions. Many manual steps can be avoided by using the memetis smart valve manifold and the programmable control unit, allowing for enhanced laboratory automation.

The smart valve manifold is integrated as a smart interface between the desired fluidic devices, like the microbioreactor and the media reservoir. The system can run self-sufficiently, once it is set up. Depending on the switching state of the valves, the microbioreactor is perfused from varying directions - laterally or vertically. This customer-specific use case can be adapted to various kinds of applications - applications where small amounts of liquids need to be controlled and space is limited. For example, for long-term experiments with lab-on-chips or applications in the clinical research field. In mobile devices for environmental analysis or mobile diagnostic devices especially needed in decentral, rural areas, memetis extremly small, light-weight valves offer decisive advantages.

Many Manual Steps are Replaced by One Click with the Smart Manifold

The typical process steps of a bioreactor operator using the state-of-the-art approach count 9, from which every single step is manually operated. With the memetis smart valve manifold this process could be reduced to 5 steps - only 4 of them manually. This way the analysis can be performed not only faster but also safer and with less potential errors.

Depending on the required fluidic pathway logic, memetis can tailor an optimum system by configuring the number of valves and the software. The type of User Interface can also be adjusted and customized.

No more manual switching of valves with memetis smart valve manifolds

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