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Reaching dimensions smaller than half a sugar cube, we offer the smallest commercially available valves with maximal functionality!

memetis is a deep-tech and spin-off company from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Our team combines many years of experience in the development and realization of foil-based miniature shape memory alloy (SMA) actuators. Using this technology for all our valves allows for an ultra compact design with low internal volume of less than 4 ┬Ál. The width of just 5 mm simplifies the integration of a many valves in the smallest installation space. The use of biocompatible materials and the media-separated assembly makes our valves a perfect fit for applications in life sciences and other small but complex fluidic applications. With minimal material fatigue, our valves further stand regarding their robustness and service life. 

The normally-closed Microvalve



  • 2/2-way seat valve normally closed (NC)
  • Powerful with switching pressures up to 2 bar
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy electrical and mechanical integration
  • For gases and liquids
  • 10 million switching cycles without material fatigue
  • Can be packed seamlessly in valve manifold
  • Small footprint with dimensions of 20 x 5 mm2
  • Can be packed seamlessly in a valve manifold

The bistable Microvalve


  • 2/2-way bistable seat valve
  • Requires only 75 mJ of energy for switching
  • Powerful with switching pressures up to 1 bar
  • Easy electrical and mechanical integration
  • For gases and liquids
  • Customizable thanks to patented layer structure
  • Minimal switching time (on) with less than 6 ms
  • Small footprint with dimensions of 20 x 5 mm2
  • Can be packed seamlessly in a valve manifold

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Customer Comments / References

"These shape-memory alloy valves use virtually no power to actuate, have less than 4ul dead volume and are near-silent in operation. Paired up with a TTP Ventus Ltd Discpump and you get a great, miniature, silent system."

Paul Marshall, Rapid Fluidics Ltd

"We needed a partner in fluidics for our rapid sample preparation, and memetis prove to be a team with creative suggestions, strong engineering and high expertise and know-how in execution, and hereto very fast response time. They helped to succeed in our project and have our highest respect and warmest recommendations."

Lars Thomsen, M.Sc., Ph.D., Founder Biovice Systems

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