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memetis GmbH develops and manufactures ultra-compact miniature valves and highly integrated microfluidic systems. Innovative actuator technology based on shape memory alloys ensures increased miniaturization of fluidic components and systems and a resulting high packing density. In addition to valves in the life science sector, the actuators are also used in other industries to realize movement in the smallest of spaces, e.g. in optics or to implement closure mechanisms. 

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With a highly qualified team, a high in-house production depth and selected suppliers, we develop and manufacture microactuators, fluidic components and systems of the highest quality.

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Actively generating movement in the smallest of spaces - and with the greatest possible force? The young Karlsruhe-based company memetis ...

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Medizin und Technik

Mini valves for the smallest medical devices. With thin metal foils as actuators, new valves are not only small...

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INAM #FounderFriday

This week's #FounderFriday startup is Memetis - INAM's newest startup member. To welcome them ...

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Valve modules in cell cultivation. Although modern syntheses have created libraries with several thousand ...

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