The Normally Closed Microvalve

For increased functionality in fluidics

The Normally Closed Microvalve from memetis is normally closed (NC) and ultra-compact. The width of only 5 mm allows the integration of multiple valves in the smallest of installation spaces and thus highly functional fluidic systems.

The current-regulated valves switch noiselessly, can be proportionally controlled and are media-separated to enable innovative solutions in your microfluidic applications.

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What's inside the valve?

This short animation unveils the inside structure of the memetis NC microvalve and shows the opening process that is induced by the shape memory actuator.

More on Shape Memory Alloys

When the current is switched on, the actuator acts against a spring element, thus releasing a ball from the valve opening. When the current is switched off, the spring element pushes the ball back onto the valve opening. Between the ball and the valve opening is an elastic membrane that prevents fluids from entering the actuator section of the valve. The patented
layered design allows for customization.

Advantages of the NC Microvalve

  • ultra-compact
  • low internal volume < 6.5 ┬Ál
  • powerful with switching pressures up to 3 bar
  • easy electrical and mechanical integration
  • low power consumption
  • biocompatible materials
  • media-separated
  • controllable
  • noiseless operation
  • up to 10 million switching cycles
  • autoclavable
  • customizable
  • suitable for liquids with magnetic beads
  • works for fast flow movement sensitive applications

Connectors and Adapters

The Normally Closed Microvalve can be used in many different ways. 

Let the variety of our adapters inspire you:

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Testing made easy

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The Bestseller Bundle

All you need for testing the NC valves is covered in this bundle:

The package includes 2 NC valves with a programmable control unit and 2 connectors or adapters depending on your need.

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The Let It Flow Bundle

This bundle includes an adapter for distributing or merging liquids and a Bartels Mikrotechnik pump setup together with 2 NC valves and an electronic control unit.

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The Soft-Pumping Bundle

A complete microfluidic system example for memetis valve integration. This bundle can control 4 different fluids thanks to the pressure driven flow and the four valve array.

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Customer comment / The valve in use

"These shape-memory alloy valves use virtually no power to actuate, have less than 4ul dead volume and are near-silent in operation. Paired up with a TTP Ventus Ltd Discpump you get a great, miniature, silent system."

Paul Marshall, Rapid Fluidics

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