microactuators for driving innnovation

more function in less space with memetis

memetis' microactuators made of shape memory alloys generate considerable forces while being super compact. They are designed to enable movement:  

  • on microfluidic chips and disposable cartridges,
  • for controlling disposable valves,  
  • for automating biochemical assays
  • and in other applications. 

Our actuators allow you to innovate and offer smaller and more intelligent point-of-care devices, medical devices, lab-/organ-on-a-chip solutions, or to power research setups.

Wherever movement needs to be realized in the smallest of installation spaces, we are the right partner for you.

Chip Actuators for Life Sciences

The width of our chip actuator is designed for 9 mm spacing to fit, for example, on a multi-well plate

Our chip actuators

Chip Actuators by memetis are compact and multifunctional linear actuators that are designed with a broad range of applications in mind. They offer strokes of up to 2 mm and peak forces of up to 8 N to power movement in your system.

Download the data sheets here or on our web shop.

Chip Actuator CA0408

This chip actuator has a force of 8 N and can be equipped with a customer-specific plunger. The actuator can be used, for example, to actuate seat valve on microfluidic chips.

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Chip Actuator CA2001

The ultra-compact upstroke actuator from memetis is powerful and switches silently. It is a great alternative to linear solenoids and, with its high force-to-volume ratio, makes new miniaturized applications possible.

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Ready to test?

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Chip Actuator Bundle - CA0408

This bundle contains two Chip Actuators CA0408 with cables and control units to allow testing the powerful memetis actuators for your solution.

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Chip Actuator Bundle - CA2001

A bundle to enable testing the ultra-compact Chip Actuators CA2001 from memetis in your application. Cables and control units included.

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